Thursday, May 15, 2003

Its summer. but it sure as hell doesnt feel like it yet. i just finished my first year of college.....wasted time! anyways, it is time for me to hunt for a job, easier said than done, i guess. Next month I will go to ohio to visit with family. thats right, two weeks of good ol dysfunctional family fun. Actually i am more excited about driving to LA to see silverchair on may 27th!!! They are an amazing band, and sound even better in concert....and i've only been obsessed with this band since i first heard them! I've tried to spread the word, but not many people are ready to experience the musical stylings of artists not well acknowledged on the U.S. radio waves. Hey, whatever toodles your noodle! I have had this site for ages, but have not written a single thing.....well, actually thats not true... i did write a really long entry but screwed up when i tried to post it...then i got pissed and havent been back since...hehe. sorry bout that. i will be sure to write about my oh so exciting life on a regular basis from now on.